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Transcript for how to make a complaint



Sign Solutions welcomes and encourages feedback and comment on our services.  We  view  this  as  a  positive  method  of  continually  reviewing  and improving our services.



Informal complaint or comment


Contact us through your preferred method of communication and ask for the person who dealt with your assignment.


If complaint not resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, it will be referred to the Agency Manager.




Formal complaint


If you wish to make a formal complaint, i.e. anything other than a comment, the following procedure must be followed:


1.The complaint must be in writing or by video letter and should clearly state what went wrong and what you feel we could do to put things right. Send this to the Agency Manager.


2.The Manager will then assign a reference ID to your complaint, please quote this when asking for an update on progress.


3.The Manager will then investigate and keep all parties informed of the progress to resolve the complaint.  he Manager will offer a solution to resolve the complaint


4.If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you may refer the matter to the

CEO or Managing Director.


5.If it has not been possible to resolve this situation amicably, you should consider your next options as detailed below.



If a serious complaint concerning an Interpreter remains unresolved, then you can take this to the registration body.


        •     National Register of Communication Professionals with Deaf & Deafblind People (NRCPD)



Sign Solutions will abide by the decision of the appropriate panel, subject to any necessary Appeals procedures.