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Transcript for InterpretersLive! Troubleshooting BSL Clip


Welcome to InterpretersLive!


Are you having trouble connecting to the InterpretersLive service?


If so please check the following;


1.Do you have sufficient broadband speed?

You need a min 1mb to connect to the service or strong 3g/4g…..perhaps do an internet speed test?


2.What browser are you using on your device?

You need Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari (requires download plugin) or Internet Explorer (requires download plugin)


3.Do you have only one browser open?


4.If you are trying to contact the IL service using a phone, tablet, iPad, then contact us and we will provide you free app guide and download or follow the instructions at the end of this video guide.


5.Are you trying to contact InterpretersLive from work? Do you see a black screen? Or does it say trying to reach server? It is possible that your internet firewall is blocking access to the service.


Please ask your IT team to contact us and we can resolve this with them.



If you have tried all of the above and are still experiencing problems, then I suggest you contact us using one of the accessible methods on our contact page; 


If you would like to connect via an iPad/iPhone/android tablet, please download the compatible app and once registered enter [email protected] into the search box and click to make a video call.


Many thanks and we look forward to taking your call!